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Social Sciences University of Ankara (ASBU) was founded in 2013 as a public university in Ulus district, which is in the center of the capital and has an important position in the historical, cultural and commercial life of Turkey.

ASBU is a specialized university in the field of social sciences.

ASBU works with a university model that produces unique knowledge in social, administrative, political, commercial and industrial issues and transforms the generated knowledge into social benefit by focusing on the problems, needs and expectations of public and private sector and non-governmental organizations.

The university model of ASBU, both in education and research, has a different nature and orginality beyond the common trends in Turkey.

The education strategy of ASBU is designed to educate intellectuals who can understand and interpret the problems of the field that are studied beyond professional expertise from different perspectives.

Research strategy in ASBU does not have the understanding of transferring knowledge produced in the West with small contributions. It is based on the production of information that will contribute to the production of unique solutions for social, human, administrative, political, commercial and industrial problems at the local level. For this reason, as in the leading research universities in the world, ASBU is working with fourteen research centers.

There are currently five faculties in the university:

  • Faculty of Islamic Studies
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Political Sciences
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Foreign Languages 

Also, ASBU has three different institutes in the field of social sciences. These institutes are:

  • The Institute of Region Studies
  • The Institute of Islamic Studies
  • The Institute for Graduate Studies in Social Sciences

ASBU also demonstrates its difference with its “Sociocity” which was established in order to contribute to original and innovative solutions for social problems. ASBU Sociocity was established in order to produce innovative and original solutions to social problems based on different disciplines in social sciences and to support social development and innovation.

In ASBU university model, social problems and possible solutions are discussed firstly in research centers. Then discussions about problems and the possible solutions become publications as reports, books, articles, papers and so on which aims to offer a specific contribution to the solution of social problems. While institutes of the university reproduce the problems and solutions discussed in the research centers by feeding master's and doctoral programs, faculties of the university aim to disseminate this information.

The university model of ASBU which focuses on research centers is a conscious and determined choice. This university model focuses on original information production and it enables information to be sustainable.

ASBU is a state university which

  • is research oriented,
  • is dedicated to post-graduate study,
  • acknowledges the importance of international cooperation,
  • prioritizes the most current areas of research,
  • includes the whole world as a field of interest,
  • is enthusiastic to be a leading university in the development of social sciences education in Turkey,
  • has one of the most extensive libraries in Turkey,
  • is multilingual and multicultural,
  • positively contributes to university’s surrounding community.

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