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Curriculum Development Unit (CDU)

Social Sciences University of Ankara (SSUA) Basic English Unit (BEU), Curriculum Development Unit (CDU) is responsible for setting main objectives and sub-goals of English language education that consists of five different levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1) by giving reference to GSE and CEFR standards and also making the necessary arrangements to achieve these objectives. These arrangements include preparing weekly outlines for each level in which both aims and explanations regarding the weekly practices can be traced by instructors and choosing educational materials that will support English language education in an academic year.

CDU conducts regular need analyses in order to set the goals and sub-skills mentioned above, make necessary arrangements in the weekly outlines accordingly, and choose educational materials. The unit also holds weekly meetings with the instructors teaching at different levels and exchange information with Material Development and Testing Unit via regular meetings. In these meetings, CDU keep informed about whether the aims and the practices settled before are achieved, and cooperate with the Material Development Unit to support the students' language development more. With the help of these meetings, CDU also provides a smooth cognitive transition from one level to the other in terms of language skills and academic skills. Furthermore, CDU provides all the sources necessary for students to use English both in academic settings and in daily life. Besides receptive (Listening and Reading) and productive (Writing and Speaking) language skills, CDU arranges extracurricular activities for students to practice the language content such as vocabulary and grammar. In addition, CDU also prepares Portfolio tasks which require students to practice integrated language skills, and vocabulary lists for the levels.

The weekly outlines for each level can be accessed in the links provided below.

Level 1 Weekly Outlines

Level 2 Weekly Outlines

Level 3 Weekly Outlines

Level 4 Weekly Outlines

Level 5 Weekly Outlines

Files for CDU