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Erasmus+ Personel Hareketliliği Hakkında Genel Bilgiler

The Programme includes two types of staff mobility: teaching and training. In the framework of teaching mobility, faculty members visit a partner university and deliver a minimum of 8 hours of lecture per week. Staff mobility for training is open to both academic and administrative staff and gives its participants the opportunity for professional development.


Selected participants are given grant for daily expenses and travel.

The grant provided has a contribution value and is not intended to cover all the costs related to the period spent abroad.

Daily allowances:

The amount of the daily allowances is calculated according to the country of destination and the duration of the stay.

For staff mobility activities with a duration longer than 14 days, only 70% of the daily grant amount indicated above should be taken as a basis for the 15th and subsequent days.

No grant will be paid for days without any activity or which are not documented to include activities appropriate with the type of activity conducted.

Country Groups According to The Cost of LivingHost CountryMonthly Grant for Student Mobility for Studies(€)
1st Group Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, United Kingdom Netherlands €144
2nd Group: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Italy, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Greek Cypriout Administration, Greece, Luxembourg, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Romania, Turkey* €126
3rd Group Germany, Spain, Latvia, Malta, Portugal, Slovakia, Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia €108
4th Group Estonia, Crotia, Slovenia, Lithuania €90

*Applicable only for teaching mobility of those invited from organisations abroad.

Travel Grants

Grants for travel are calculated based on the distance between Ankara and the host university.

Distance (km)Travel Grant for Round Trip
10-99 km € 20
100-499 km € 180
500 - 1999 km € 275
2000 – 2999 km € 360
3000 - 3999 km € 530
4000 - 7999 km € 820
8000 km and over € 1.300

Distance calculator is available at:


Erasmus Staff Mobility Without Grant (Zero Grant)

It is possible to participate in Erasmus staff mobility programme without grant. Those staff who would like to participate in the programme without grant need to make application and their applications need to be evaluated as the others. Those participants with zero grant have to fulfill rights and obligations of the program.

Selection Criteria:

Priority is given to staff:

   1. with no prior Erasmus staff mobility experience;

   2. from departments which have more Erasmus inter-institutional agreements;

   3. from underrepresented departments (i.e. no prior staff exchange record);

   4. whose host institution/ host country has not been visited or less frequently visited under the Erasmus staff mobility scheme;

   5. have proficiency in the language of the host institution;

   6. who are war veterans or wives/husbands/children of war veterans or martrys;

   7. with severe disabilities;

Moreover, for training mobility, administrative staff are given priority.

Staff Mobility
Participation in the Erasmus+ Programme First time applicant +30 points
Previous participant +15 points
Year of work experience at ASBU +2 points for each year
Staff with disability +10 points
War veterans or wives/husbands/children of war veterans or martrys +10 points
From a Department/ Faculty/ Institute that has never participated in the program +30 points
Application to the partner university which has not been applied before by anyone from ASBU +10 points
Application to the country which has not been applied before by anyone from ASBU +10 points
Currently, Erasmus Deparment Coordinator +10 points
Previous Erasmus Department Coordinator +5 points
Mobility in the country of citizenship -5 points



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