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Ankara Sosyal Bilimler Üniversitesi


"ASBÜ'nün vizyonu dünyadaki araştırma üniversiteleri arasında, sosyal bilimler araştırmaları alanında etkin bir konuma gelmektir."


Gelen Personel

ASBU welcomes academic and administrative staff from all around the world.


1. Please check the website of departments/faculties/institutes to identify the most appropriate ASBU department/faculty member for you;

2. Contact the department coordinator in charge of exchanges or the head of the relevant administrative unit;

3. Complete the Teaching or Training Mobility Agreement in cooperation with the department coordinator;

4. Once the revelant department coordinator or head of the administrative unit approves your mobility, you will get the countersigned Teaching/Training mobility agreement from the host department/unit;

5. Please e-mail your Teaching/Training mobility agreement signed by both institutions and also a copy of your passport to erasmus@asbu.edu.tr;

6. The International Office will send your official invitation letter;

7. At the end of your mobility, you can get your Certificate of Attendance from the International Office.

Important Notes:

1. Accommodation: ASBU is located at the historical centre of Ankara. There are many hotels nearby; however, in order to ensure that you have a safe accommodation, please contact the International Office prior to booking a room.

2. Travel Tips (Visa, Passport, Health Insurance): Most foreign visitors to Turkey must apply for an e-visa at https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/

The e-visa is for touristic or short visits such as yours and the process is quick, simple and inexpensive. The e-visa application form will specify whether you are eligible for an e-visa or whether you are required to apply at a consulate in person.

To check specific visa rules for Turkey by country (A-Z) please visit http://www.mfa.gov.tr/visa-information-for-foreigners.en.mfa

“Ordinary visa” refers to a touristic visa. Prior to your trip please make sure you have a valid passport and international travel insurance for emergency cases and possible medical needs in Turkey.



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