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"ASBÜ'nün vizyonu dünyadaki araştırma üniversiteleri arasında, sosyal bilimler araştırmaları alanında etkin bir konuma gelmektir."


Uluslararasılaşma Stratejisi

ASBU, since its establishment, firmly believes that internationalisation is of great importance for a higher education institution. Internationalisation, on the one hand, enables students and staff to go beyond their frontiers, meet new cultures and broaden their horizon. On the other hand, by building bridges between different organisations, all of which have different strengths, it contributes to exchange of best practices, transfer of innovative approaches, and hence fosters excellence in research and teaching.

For ASBU, welcoming international students and staff and making their stay at the university an eye-opening and unforgettable experience are as prominent as sending its students and staff abroad. It considers internationalisation at home as a quality assurance measure for its claim to build an English- speaking, international campus.

Acknowledging that internationalisation is one of the major components of quality assurance, ASBU aims to establish international partnerships that provide opportunities for capacity building and are beneficial for all institutions involved. Moreover, by a careful examination of the overlap in the curricula and with a focus on the reciprocity principle, it strives for ‘quality in mobility.’

ASBU embraces an internationalisation strategy that is based on five pillars: student and staff mobility programmes; international as well as cross-sectoral cooperation and research; internationalisation of curricula; civic involvement projects; international student and staff recruitment. For the period between 2017 and 2023, ASBU has adopted the following objectives for enhancing its international profile:

Internationalisation Strategy (2017-2023)

Internationalisation Abroad

1. Establish minimum 7 Erasmus agreements per department;

2. Provide 10% of its students with opportunities to participate in an international student exchange programme (Erasmus+ Mobility for Studies, Erasmus+ Mobility for Placement, Erasmus+ youth exchanges and the like) during their education at ASBU;

3. Provide 5% of its academic and administrative staff with the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus+ Staff Exchange Programme;

4. Every year, organise one international winter/summer schools on selected topics with the participation of at least 30 international students;

5. Strengthen relations with the Turkish National Agency and the European Commission;

6. Increase the number of internationally funded research and extracurricular projects;

7. Establish at least one joint degree programme with prestigious institutions;

Internationalisation At Home

1. Host at least one Erasmus/ overseas Exchange student per deparment every year;

2. Host at least two long-term (6-12 months) Erasmus trainee every year;

3. Estasblish Erasmus Student Network (ESN) branch at ASBU and host at least one international student activity per year;

4. Develop and organise at least one International Staff Week per year;

5. Host at least 4 international researchers per year;

6. Organise at least one international academic event (symposia, congress etc.) per year;

7. Increase the number of international students to 20%;

8. Organise an “International Day” and host representatives of foreign missions in Turkey;

9. In order to internationalise the curriculum, carry out at least one cross-sectoral and cross-borders project;



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