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"ASBÜ'nün vizyonu dünyadaki araştırma üniversiteleri arasında, sosyal bilimler araştırmaları alanında etkin bir konuma gelmektir."

About Programme

1) MA in Peace and Conflict Studies


The MA in Peace and Conflict Studies program at Social Sciences University of Ankara, is a program that derives its philosophical foundation from the rich Anatolian heritage and wisdom of peace that supports the principle of developing cultures of peace and peace perspectives. Your first year will be spent in the Ankara province, where you will study with nationally and internationally renowned professors with invaluable knowledge and expertise in the field. Students will develop the knowledge and practical skills necessary to effectively analyze and evaluate the theories and practices of peacebuilding, while gaining an in-depth understanding of violence in all of its facets, and destructive conflicts in the world. Your time in the Ankara province will provide you with the opportunity to visit various official places like ministries, government offices, NGOs, and think tanks, while having the opportunity to get an intimate perspective on the historic and nonviolent social change movement that is currently taking place. After completion of your coursework, you will depart and spend the second year writing your MA thesis and preparing for its defense under the guidance of your thesis adviser. All course and thesis work will be taught and supervised by a group of highly credentialed international peace experts who bring years of dedication and expertise to trans-disciplinary processes of nonviolence and social transformation.

Program Structure

The MA in Peace and Conflict Studies is a two-year long, four-semester intensive program taught in English.

First Year Program Requirements: The first year of the program you will spend completing coursework in Turkey. Core courses will be given by ASBU faculty on a weekly basis according to the academic calander. Elective courses will be provided by experts in the particular areas of specialization. This structure allows students to receive a foundational undertanding of the field, while allowing them the freedom to take ownership in determinnig the particular area within the field they would like to focus on.

Second Year Program Requirements: For the second year of the program you may return home or stay in Turkey in order to complete the required thesis writing, submission and defense of your thesis. During this time you will have an experienced supervisor assisting you (this is mainly online supervision) and you will have access to an affiliate library in Ankara at your disposal. After you have completed and submitted your thesis you will be required to defend it before a panel of peace experts, in person or virtually.

Your MA in Peace and Conflict Studies will be awarded to you upon the successful submission and defense of your thesis.

Credits / Graduation Requirements

You are required to earn 36 credits (equivalent of 120 ECTS credits) during the two semesters. All courses count for three (3) credits (5 ECTS credits), so you will take at least 12 courses. Six courses are compulsory for everyone which means you will have at least six elective courses you will choose to enroll in yourself. The six required courses are:

PCS 601: Introduction to Peace Studies and Critical Thinking

PCS 602: Peace and Conflict Theory

PCS 603: Research Methods and Publication Ethics

PCS 604: The Wisdom of the Anatolian Heritage of Peace

PCS 605: Seminar (non-credit)