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"ASBÜ'nün vizyonu dünyadaki araştırma üniversiteleri arasında, sosyal bilimler araştırmaları alanında etkin bir konuma gelmektir."


27/05/2015 Materialist Thought and Its Critics in the Late Ottoman Empire (1860-1914) Serdar POYRAZ
27/05/2015 Identity and Ethnicity in Hittite Anatolia İlgi GERÇEK
20/05/2015 The Turkish Deep State: Social Science Concepts and Theory Generation Mehtap SÖYLER
29/04/2015 Rereading the 'Reconstruction': Muhammad Iqbal's Views on the Problems of Islamic Thought Sevcan ÖZTÜRK
08/04/2015 The Challenge of Governing the Commons: Networks, Effectiveness, and NGOs in High Seas Governance Betül GÖKKIR
25/03/2015 Contesting the Westernization Paradigm in Writing of Late Ottoman History: The Tanzimat and Legal Ban on Torture in Practice during the 1840s and 1850s. İbrahim Halil KALKAN
18/03/2015 Mullā Ṣadrā on the “Mental”: A Monist Approach to Mental Existence Sümeyye PARILDAR
11/03/2015 For the Union Makes Us Strong: The Metal Worker's Collective Actions in Turkey, 1968-1970 Özgür BALKILIÇ
04/03/2015 Women's Flexible Labor and Employment in Men's Eyes: A Qualitative Research Esra KÖTEN
25/02/2015 Understanding Centre-Periphery Relations in the Ottoman Empire: The Role of Ayans in Grain Requisition in Ruscuk between 1768 and 1792. Metin BEZİKOĞLU
11/02/2015 What is Political Resistance? Onur BİLGİNER
04/02/2015 The Greatest Global Financial Crisis: Contagion from the United States or only Interdependence? Doğuş EMİN
04/02/2015 Parameters and Perimeters of an Empire: Ottoman Foreign Relations in the Third Quarter of the Sixteenth Century Güneş IŞIKSEL
28/01/2015 Building the Middle Class, Buildings for the Middle Class: Forging the State-Corporate Alliance and the Great Housing Rush of the 2000s in Istanbul Sinan GÜLHAN
28/01/2015 Contradictory Identity of the Everyday and the Artistic in Japanese Aesthetics İbrahim Soner ÖZDEMİR
21/01/2015 Politics of the Gezi Park Protests: Beyond the Secular/Islamic Divide Erdem Damar
21/01/2015 The Mall Boom in Turkey With an Unexpected ByProduct: Movie Sector Expansion Çağlar YURTSEVEN
14/01/2015 The Legal Animal: Historicizing the Animal Question Emre KOYUNCU
14/01/2015 Three Spheres of Greek Orthodox Influence in the Ottoman Empire: Church Bureaucracy Trade Hasan ÇOLAK
07/01/2015 Regional Variation in Kurmanji Kurdish: Implications for Linguistic Diversity Ergin ÖPENGİN
24/12/2014 Impact of New Communication and Information Technologies on Employment Contract Gonca AYDINÖZ
24/12/2014 The Tense Relationship Between the New Media and Hate Speech: Can Human Security Provide a New Opening? Funda GENÇOĞLU ONBAŞI
17/12/2014 Revisiting Ottoman History: Environment as a Historical Agent Zozan PEHLİVAN
10/12/2014 On the Use and Abuse of Andulusian History for Tanzimat Politics Murat ŞİVİLOĞLU
10/12/2014 Why Western Law: The Turkish Experience Cumhur BOYACIOĞLU
03/12/2014 The Birth of the Ottoman Novel Beyond Cultural and Literary Borders Şeyda BAŞLI
03/12/2014 Sociology of the Slums Tuba DUMAN
26/11/2014 Accession Europeanization and Turkey Gözde YILMAZ
19/11/2014 Legends as Important Part of Ancient and Modern Culture Anastasia ZHERDİEVA
19/11/2014 New Horizons in Political and Economic Anthropology John William DAY
12/11/2014 Typology of the Center-Right in Turkey Gülsen KAYA OSMANBAŞOĞLU
12/11/2014 Reality, Myth and Historiography About an Ottoman 'Renegade':Kapudan Pasha Cigalazade and the Dilemmas of Ottoman Mediterranean Policy after Lepanto Evrim TÜRKÇELİK
05/11/2014 Libertarian Alternative for State-Individual Relation Seval YAMAN
05/11/2014 Akkulanu: A Scholar in the Assyrian Empire During the Mid-Seventh Century BC Selim Ferruh ADALI
22/10/2014 A Theoretical Examination of the Dubious Figure of the Intellectual Duygu ERSOY
15/10/2014 Europeanisation or EU-isation? The Concept of Westernism Recep DEMİR
08/10/2014 Towards Transnational Nation-Building: The Case of Crimean Tatars Filiz Tutku AYDIN
01/10/2014 Turkish Modernization and its Critics Ayşegül UYGUR DOĞAN
24/09/2014 Transformational Leadership Emel TOPÇU
17/09/2014 Prescient Manuscripts: Fortune-telling texts in the Ottoman Culture Nagihan GÜR
10/09/2014 The Predictive Role of Gender and Race in Access to Postsecondary Education in the United States Gökhan SAVAŞ
03/09/2014 Political Institutions as Solutions to Collective Action Problems İmran DEMİR
25/06/2014 Law And Economics: Implications for the Economic Analysis of the Firm, the Markat and the State Erkan GÜRPINAR
18/06/2014 Australia in the Asian Century Gürol BABA
11/06/2014 The Impact of Multiple Choice Item Typeson Item Characteristics and Test Characteristics Erkan Hasan ATALMIŞ
04/06/2014 The Interaction of Islamic Women With Globalization Zehra YILMAZ
28/05/2014 Reifying the Multiculturality of Mardin Through Misrepresentation: A Different Perspective on its Intercultural Engagement Ayşe GÜÇ IŞIK
21/05/2014 Struggle for African Shia: Iran's Cultural Diplomacy Among the Muslim Communities Metin ATMACA
14/05/2014 Democracy as a Mean for Social Justice an Eco from Islamic Subaltern Ayşegül KOZAK ÇAKIR
07/05/2014 Informal Employment and Life and Job Satisfaction: A Statistical Association Analysis Ali BERKER
30/04/2014 Makroekonomik değişkenler neyi ölçer neyi ölçmez? Doğan KARAMAN
16/04/2014 Meditations on the Possible Uses of Armeno-Turkish in the Late Ottoman Empire Murat CANKARA
09/04/2014 Contemporary Turkish Literature: A Sociological Approach Leyla Burcu DÜNDAR
02/04/2014 Crusades and Counter Crusades: Revisiting Some of the Common Assumptions Selim TEZCAN
26/03/2014 Politics of Ethnic Community Football: Turkish Community Football in London and the Cyprus Conflict in Diaspora Onur UNUTULMAZ
19/03/2014 Avrupa'nın Asar-ı Edebiyyesi Denilen Şeyler: İlk Çeviriler ve Osmanlı Edebiyat Dünyasındaki Yankıları Neslihan DEMİRKOL
12/03/2014 Osmanlı - İran Edebi İlişkileri Murat Umut İNAN
05/03/2014 Discovering Gender Equality Policy-Adoption in the World: MeasurementIssues Comparative Insights and Determinants Senem ERTAN
26/02/2014 The Debate on Clash of Civilizations: Evidence and Counter-Evidence Murat BAYAR
19/02/2014 Donate More be Happier! Zeynep Burcu UĞUR
12/02/2014 Yükseköğretimde Küresel Yaklaşımlar ve Türkiye için Öngörüler Armağan ERDOĞAN